Health Care Programme

Ambulance facility

An ambulance is a vehicle for transportation of sick or injured people to, from or between places of treatment for an illness or injury, and in some instances will also provide out of hospital medical care to the patient. The word is often associated with road going emergency ambulances which form part of an emergency medical service, administering emergency care to those with acute medical problems.

Here at Arham Foundation is also working for providing speedy medical service to the illness or injury.

Estimated Cost per Ambulance Rs. 500000 to 100000

Primary Healthcare Centre

The Primary Health Centre (PHC) is the basic structural and functional unit of the public health services in developing countries. PHCs were established to provide accessible, affordable and available primary health care to people, in accordance with the Alma Ata Declaration of 1978 by the member nations of the World Health Organisation WHO.

In India, PHCs form a basic part of the health care system. The Medical Officer appointed to run the PHC must be a MBBS degree holder. In addition to the provision of diagnostic and curative services, the Medical Officer acts as the primary administrator for the PHC. The primary field staff, who provide outreach services, are called "ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist)" or a village health nurse, depending upon the Indian state where the PHC is located. The village health nurse provides service at the point of care, often in the patient's home. If additional diagnostic testing or clinical intervention is required, the patient is transported to the PHC to be evaluated by the Medical Officer. Under the national rural health mission, PHCs are rapidly being upgraded. Presently there are 23,109 PHCs in India.

Estimated Cost: We calculated the total costs incurred in running the primary health centre for one year using standard costing methods. This cost was apportioned under different heads on the basis of time and space utilization. The number of activities carried out, was obtained from the monthly reports of the centre maintained by the health assistant and supervised by the medical officer.

The total cost estimated for one year was Rs 15,00,000 (US$ 25,000).

Curative Care32%
Child care17
Maternal care11%
Family welfare10%

An expenditure of Rs 40 was incurred on each outpatient. The cost of giving full primary immunization to a child was estimated at Rs 200, while Rs 180 was incurred on providing antenatal, natal and postnatal care to each pregnant woman. Tuberculosis-related activities in the community cost Rs 6 per head per year and malaria-related activities Rs 4 per head per year. The cost incurred annually on family welfare services to an eligible couple was Rs 40. • Medical Test/ Health check up

A medical test is a kind of medical procedure performed to detect, diagnose, or monitor diseases, disease processes, susceptibility, and determine a course of treatment.

Arham Foundation is also working to aware the people about their health and regular checkups.

Estimated Cost Rs. 500 to 5000 per person

• Free Medicines

At Arham Foundation we are providing free medicines (allopathic, homoeopathic and ayurvedic) as per the requirement of the patients in cities and villages.

Estimated cost: Rs. 200 to 2000 per patient.

• Meditation Programme

“Health is Wealth” This is well said statement. But due to modern life style, fast food, junk food, and late night work has endangered health of world and so blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol & heart disease taken a root in almost all houses. According to medical science complete removal of this disease is not possible and poor families can’t afford such costly and daily doses of medicines.

Instead of encircling poor families in vicious circle of medicine, operation and injection, Arham Foundation emphasis on improvement of health.

With the meditation human being can be freed from clutches of diseases.

We have organized such type of 5 days meditation seminar at Pavagadh in Aug 2013. We are planning to organize this type of seminars frequently in near future.

Est. cost per seminar is Rs. 1500000 (USD: 25000)