Free Education Campaign

Illiteracy is a painful situation for our society. Every wise citizen is interested in making our new generation literate in India.

In accordance with that Arham Foundation team is carrying the SIDDHI BHADRANKAR NALANDA VIDYAPITH( HOSTEL). This dream has taken shape in Dhinoj village near Mehsana city of Gujarat state in India.

More than 50 students are facilitated with free accommodation, food, tuitions, moral education, yoga, sports, library in new year. For accommodating more students we need your valuable support.Estimated exp. Rs. 45000(750 USD) per child/per year.

(students doing prayer before starting study. Don’t you think this is real Indian culture of education?) Scholarship Programme:

Every parents love their children beyond imagination. And so they do not wish to send their children far away. Due to this reason Indian villagers are not able to educate their children. Even girls are not sent to nearby villages to study further and parents withdraw their child from school. This is the major reason for the drop out ratios in education.

Thinking over this situation we at Arham Foundation haved planned for scholarship and other educational programmes.

We provide school fees, tuition fees, books, dress code, traveling exp., provide educational vcds and projectors (in the villages where teachers are not available) to the students who wish to study at their doorstep or at near by city according to their wish.

We expect this facility to be expanded upto 10000 students in the near future and with to extent it on a large scale.

Estimated cost Rs. 75000( 1300 USD) per child per year.

Provide free books and school requirements

We at Arham Foundation also provide free text books, note books, other stationery, school uniform, to the needy students as required. Cost Chart,

NO Particulars Cost (cost may vary according to standards)
1Text BookRs. 300 to 600
2Note BookRs. 1000 to 2000
3Other reference booksRs. 1000 to 2000
4Other stationeryRs. 1000
5School Uniform (2 pieces)Rs. 1000
6Sports EquipmentsRs. 1000
Total Cost (per student)Rs. 6000 to 8000
Digital education through Video conferencing (SATELLITE LEARNING PROGRAMME-SLP)

We are eye witness of the situation of village that a single teacher is teaching all the subjects and also teaching different classes at a time. The reason of lacking of teaching staff is that every teacher wants to teach in cities and no one is ready teach in village. We all know that our kids get quality education, books, tuition facilities but in villages the situation of quality education is really shocking. After thinking deeply we have found out solution to this problem. We are planning to establish such a system that when a teacher is teaching in a city, his teaching can reach to village through video and teleconferencing .Here students can interact with the teachers and solve their problems. For this we have planned out two programs

To show Educational CDS through Projection

We can provide education cds to the schools of different villages.

Cost sheets (per school)

NO Particulars Cost
1 Projector -1 Rs. 20000 to 50000
2 Projection Screen-1 Rs. 2000 to 4000
3 Personal Computer -1 Rs. 25000
4 Internet Connection Rs. 1000/month
5 Printer Rs. 1000
6 Educational CD Std. 1 to 12Rs. 1000
Total Rs. 70000 to 150000

By doing this we can digitalize the villages and village administration can be improved.


Another tool the help villages in improving education is Satellite Learning Program. In this system every class can receive live lecture taken by the teachers and they can revise as and when they required.

Estimated cost Rs. 500000 per system.

School and college development

Free primary education is provided by our government in the whole country. But old buildings in many schools hinders education facility. Even lack of rooms are uncomfortable to accommodate more children. School buildings are constructed in this villages by Arham Foundation. At present we are functioning for construction of school building in one village of Gujarat. Many nearby villages are benefited by ultra modern education campus.

Construction cost Rs. 2,00,00,000 (4,00,000 USD) per building. ( Your name will be displayed on school building as a school sponcerers )

Mid day Meal facility

Along with all modern facilities we are also providing nutritious food as a mid day meal to the school students so that they can physically grow and improve their education because empty stomach cannot grab education.

Estimated Cost Rs. 200 per student per day.