De addiction

Due to addiction of alcohol and tobacco there is a death every second minute in the world. On the other hand in India there are lacs of people dying every year due to addiction. Terrible pain, last moment problems of families are also horrible. In cancer hospitals there are lots of living dead bodies on every bed.

Curing cancer is not the real solution but stopping addiction is the real work we should focus on. If there is disease in the plant leaves just spraying pesticide is not the solution but to remove disease from root is the real solution.

Thinking this Arham Foundation Team has launched De addiction campaign. There is less ratio in children for addiction and even they are sensitive also. So children can be aware by showing them telefilms and giving lecture about the harmful effects of addiction.

Thus, the upcoming flowers (children)of our Indian Society tree can be freed from addiction. This programs are generally done in villages and also there is a problem of malnutrition in villages. So We provide nutritive food after programs.

All this program and campaign are successful due to your generous donation and our efforts. Every program cost Rs. 60000/- (1000 USD).