Animal Husbandry

Arham Foundation is established for preservation, development and welfare of Cow and its progeny and other animals. Presentation, development and welfare of the cow and its progeny and for matters connected therewith or incidental there to and co-ordinate such institutions carrying on above activities.

  • To coordinate with related varying agencies working in the state for prevention of illegal slaughter of cow & its paragons.
  • To facilitate the effective implementation of the rules pertaining to the preventing of cow slaughtering.
  • To implement varying schemes under Gauseva development program.
  • To encourage the individual or agencies working in the field for prevention of cow slaughter.
  • To help various Gaushala of Panjarapole to become self sustainable by way of providing technical guidance.
  • To assist various projects which increase the income from cow.
  • To provide financial assistance for development of instructor to Gaushala and panjarapol of the state.
  • To initiate research project in the field of organic farming, preparation of pesticide prepared from cow urine so herb prepared from cow urine by urine distillery.
  • To assist research, experiments and their program to increase the economic value of cows & its progeny.
  • To co-ordinate any activities related with development of welfare for the cow & its progeny.
  • To current campaign work in the field of Gau Raksha, Gau Samvardhan & Gau Palan.
  • To conserve & preserve pollution free environment by way of scent management of cow & its progeny
  • Integrated Gaushala Development Scheme
  • Scheme for establishment of elite herd of high pedigreed Male/Female calves of Gir and Kankrej breed
  • Scheme For Supply of a breeding Bull
  • Scheme for Castration of scrub bulls
  • Scheme for supply of bull for pure breeding to Gram Panchayats, Gaushalas, Panjarapoles and Gauseva Committee of the State
  • Scheme for rearing of elite pure breed Gir/Kankrej Male Calves of best genetic potential
  • Scheme for Financial Assistance to create infrastructure Facilities
  • Scheme for research and public dissemination of information to improve usage of cow product
  • Scheme to Provided Incentive for Gaushalas/Panjarapoles and Gau-Rakshaks(Cow Protecters)
  • Scheme for financial assistance for maintenance of the rescued Cattle being to slaughter house and assistance to the reporting person (Cow Protectors)
  • Scheme of financial assistance for maintenance of stray cattle
  • Scheme for production of organic bio fertilizer from cow dung
  • Scheme for financial assistance for breeding of Gir/Kankrej Breed cattle by progressive cow breeders
  • Scheme of financial assistance to Gaushala/Panjrapoles Govt./ semi organizations,other,progressive cow breeders/ Farmers to modernize / upgrade their Gaushalas
  • Scheme to provide improved verities of fodder seeds to the Organizations/ individual desired for Gauchar Development
  • Scheme to organize visit to village –Dharamaj , Dist. Anand for demonstration of ideal /model Grass land(Gauchar)
  • Gauchar Development Scheme
  • Scheme for Establishment of Animal Hostel

With all the luxuries and amenities of life achieved with the grace of god, on any occasion of Paryushan / Diwali / New Year day / Birth day / Weddings / Anniversaries, do not forget Deaf & Dumb animals, by giving generous donations and take blessings of them & go ahead & ahead, day by day in life.

Money kept in a "SAFE"Stagnanats
Money lent on "INTEREST" Doubles
Money Invested in "BUSINESS"Triples
Money "DONATED' becomesHundred Folds
1,25,001Name Board with golden letters on the main gate of Panjrapole (Bore branch) on the right hand side/left hand side as a Supportive Donor.
81,000Name on the Shelter Shed.
54,000One day's entire expense of Panjrapole.
45,000 Laphi/Ladu/Grass scheme on prefixed. Name of donor will displayed on the Board.
25,002Name of the donor will be displayed at place of animals eating place on Gaman.
21,006One photo of donor will be displayed at the new office on the first floor. (Lamination Photo Size 12" * 15")
18,000One cart of dry grass by donor.
11,007Adoption of one animal for three months.
8,100Grain for birds/Roti for dogs,Donors name will be displayed on the board on particular date.
3,600One month's expenses for one animal.
3,600Common Expense.
Veterinary hospital